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Network Migration Workbook


The Network Migration Workbook - 2nd Edition

Now updated for SBS 2011 Essentials, SBS Standard, and Cloud Migrations!

We cover every procedure: From quoting the project, to building the server, to migrating the desktops.

We've got a "golden" section called My Favorite Whitepapers that lists the most important Microsoft Knowledgebase articles and other resources out on the Internet. This list is so good, we've been offered to $100 just for these ten pages!



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About the Authors

Karl W. Palachuk is the founder and CEO of KPEnterprises Business Consulting, Inc. and other successful companies in the Sacramento
area. He is the founder of the Sacramento
SMB IT Professionals group and author of several books, including The Network Documentation Workbook.

Karl has been a featured speaker at conferences and seminars over the last ten years. He is a
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with a Bachelor's Degree from Gonzaga University and a Master's Degree from The University of
Michigan. He is also a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, and is an original member of
Microsoft’s Small Business Specialist Advisory Panel. He served on the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council for SBS 2011 Essentials.

Manuel L. Palachuk the President of Conceptual Age Consulting of Boca Raton, FL. Manuel has over 25 years of business, manage-ment, and training experience in the computer and electronics industries.

He is an expert of process, systems and their efficiency who is driven toward continuous improvement in all aspects of the business. His goal and passion is to take your service-based business to the next level and he has the blueprint to do it.

He holds an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a Bachelor's Degree in Automated Manufacturing. He has been Microsoft Certified for more than ten years and is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

Manuel is the former President of KPEnterprises Business Consulting. Since then he has been coaching and working as an outsourced Chief Operating Officer for small business consultants in the SMB space.


New for 2012 - 2nd Edition!

Unified Checklist. Cover SBS 2011, 2008, and 2003 migrations.

Chapter 9. Cloud Strategies, Cloud Migrations, and Hybrid Solutions.
- Cloud-based options
- "Server Lite" concept
- Process of combining on site storage and active directory with cloud-based services

Chapter 10. Example Checklist for Migrating to Cloud Services.
- Web services
- Microsoft Exchange
- Spam filtering
- Storage or Backup.

Chapter 11. Migrating to Microsoft Foundation Server.
- Intro to Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation or "Foundation Server"

Chapter 12. SBS Essentials: New Installations and Migrations.
- Intro to SBS Essentials
- Where the product fits in with your solution stack and cloud migrations
- Sales process for SBS Essentials
- Designing simple environments
- Technology Roadmap Questionnaire for evaluating prospects who might be right for an SBS Essentials migration

Chapter 13. Checklists for SBS Essentials Environments
- Preparing the Network for the SBS Essentials Installation
- Installing SBS Essentials in a Non
-Domain Environment
- Setting up SBS Essentials on a 1-10 Person Simple Domain
- Connecting a Computer to an SBS Essentials Server Network
- Connecting a Computer to SBS Essentials Using Profwiz

. . . And More!


Selected Sections From The Book:

Chapter 1. Migrating the Windows Environment
- Introduction
- Modern Migration Strategies
- EBS and Other Multi-Server Environments
- What's The Best For Your Client?
- Zero Downtime?
- Normal Hours
- Tools and Rules
- Downtime's Okay

Chapter 2. Project Management
- SMB Consulting Project Management
- Discovery and Inventory
- Introduction to the Project
- Focus: Why Do You Want a Small Business Server?
- Case Study: Example Network
- Inventory: Physical Assets
- The Documentation Process
- Inventory: Services and Resources
- Beware the Last Consultant
- Inventory: Future Plans
- Building the Plan
- Writing the Plan
- Dealing with Objections
- Getting Approval for the Project
- Budgeting, Adjusting, and Final Draft

Chapter 3. Project Overview
- A Few Caveats
- Running Successful Migration Projects
- Closing the Loop
- The Migration Project Overview
- The Checklist
- Outline Of The Process
- So Where Does Zero Downtime Come In?
- Methods for Achieving Zero Downtime
- There Are No Emergency Migrations
- The Network Documentation Binder

Chapter 4. Quoting the Migration Project
- Project Initiation
- A Confident Approach
- The Generic Two-Drawing Process
- The Reality of Quoting in the SMB Space
- Your Line Card Labor
- Estimates
- Check Point
- Two Quotes
- Approval Process
- Details
- A Little Focus on Desktop Migrations
- Final Steps / Approved Projects
- Note on PSA Project Management

Chapter 5. The Migration Checklist Explained
- The Checklist As A Living Document
- What The Checklist Is and Isn't
- Best Practices and Core Philosophies
- A Good Rule: Use a Troubleshooting and Repair Log
- A Note About Microsoft-Centric Habits
- Checklist Management
- Build the Binder
- A Good Rule: Zenith Infotech Is A "Best Practice"
- Profiles and Exchange
- Focus on Profiles
- Focus on Exchange

Chapter 6. Strategies for a Successful Zero Downtime Migration
- Buckets
- Create Your SRs
- The Strategy Begins
- Storing, Printing, and Using the Checklist
- Build the Binder
- The Big Picture on Timing
- The Realities of Time and Money
- Picking Your Strategies
- Major Work Before the Server Move
- Moving the Major Components
- Desktop to Desktop Procedures
- The Golden Hours
- Sidebar: Focus on Exchange
- Sidebar: Focus on Databases
- A Low-Stress Process That Can't Fail
- Project Completion
- Project Retrospective

Chapter 7. Case Study - Complex

Chapter 8. Case Study - Simple

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How is Zero Downtime Migration Different from Swing Migration?

Network Migration Workbook

Actually, there's no comparison.

We've always been a little confused by this question.

Many people ask us about the tools at SBSMigration.com. These are great tools. We endorse them. We even call them out in the book several times.

But there is no real "choice" between Jeff's tools and our process. Jeff's tools simply don't cover the migration process. They handle one very specific piece of the migration. And they do it extremely well.

First, Jeff's process has downtime. But more importantly, it doesn't cover MOST of what you need in a migration.

Basically, Jeff walks you through cleaning up active directory so you don't have to re-create users and computers. A key factor is the size of the client. If you've got 50 workstations, you might want to use Jeff's toolset in addition to our book.

If you've got 1-15 users, there's no way you'd spend all that time cleaning active directory and bringing over all the "garbage" from the last eight years. Just use our ZDT process.

In between . . . you need to see for yourself.

In our opinion, there really isn't a choice to be made between our book and Jeff's toolset. We cover every bit of the migration project in excruciating detail. We refer to Jeff's tool in the list of tools you might use, but Jeff's toolset addresses about three pages worth of material in our 590 page book.

I know this sounds very self-serving, but Jeff does not address

He doesn't cover

Please take a look at the Table of Contents and sample chapter on the home page.

We feel very strongly that we cover every aspect of a network migration. Jeff's tool addresses one step of that process. Basically, he spends time cleaning up AD rather than creating new users and computers on the new domain. But that's just one piece of a migration.

Without downtime . . .

Now includes the complete checklist for SBS 2011!


Comparison: Network Migration Workbook and SBS Migration Toolset


Network Migration Workbook SBS Migration Toolset
Project Management    
Working During Normal Business Hours Yes  
Tools and Rules Yes  
Dealing with Interruptions from Employees Yes  
SMB Consulting Project Management Yes  
Building the Plan Yes  
Writing the Plan Yes  
Goal Setting: Treating Your SBS Migration Like an Employee Yes  
Running Successful Migration Projects Yes  
Project Initiation Yes  
The Big Picture on Timing: From Sales Cycle to Project Completion Yes  
Major Work Before the Server Move Yes  
The Golden Hours Yes  
A Low-Stress Process That Can't Fail Yes  
Spinoff Projects Yes  
Project Completion Yes  
Project Evaluation Yes  
Case Studies Yes  
Migration Strategies    
Cloud Strategies and Cloud Migrations Yes  
Introduction to Migrating the Windows Environment Yes  
Modern Migration Strategies Yes  
Multi-Server Environments Yes Yes
Methods for Achieving Zero Downtime Yes  
There Are No Emergency Migrations Yes  
Focus on Desktop Migrations Yes  
Best Practices and Core Philosophies Yes  
Using a Troubleshooting and Repair Log Yes  
Microsoft-Centric Habits Yes  
Profiles and Exchange Yes  
Focus on Profiles Yes  
Copying Profile Pieces Yes  
The User State Migration Tool Yes Yes
SBS Migration and Active Directory Yes Yes
Exchange Migration Yes  
Database Migration Yes  
Moving the Major Components Yes  
Desktop to Desktop Procedures Yes  
Specific Strategies for Foundation Server and SBS 2011 Essentials Yes  
The Sales Process    
Quoting the Migration Project Yes  
The Reality of Quoting in the SMB Space Yes  
Pricing Your Project Yes  
Dealing with Client Objections Yes  
Getting Approval for the Project Yes  
Budgeting, Adjusting, and Final Draft Yes  
Your Line Card Yes  
Labor Estimates Yes  
Producing Two Quotes Yes  
Client Approval Process Yes  
Client Management    
What's The Best For Your Client? Yes  
Dealing with Interruptions from Clients Yes  
Security Considerations Yes  
Using Managed Service Tools    
Using a Ticketing System to Track Migrations Yes  
PSA* Project Management Yes  
RMM** as A "Best Practice" Yes  
Service Requests in Your PSA Yes  
Documenting the Process    
Documentation Templates for Everything! Yes  
Communication Processes and Templates Yes  
Network Discovery and Inventory Yes  
Inventory: Physical Assets Yes  
Inventory: Services and Resources Yes  
Checklist SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 (200+ pages) Yes  
Checklist "Anything" to SBS 2008 (200+ pages) Yes  
Checklist SBS 2003 or 2008 to SBS 2011 (200+ pages) Yes  
The Network Documentation Binder Yes  
The Checklist As A Living Document Yes  


Assistance Yes  
Consulting Assistance Available Yes Yes
Online Content Yes Yes
* Professional Services Automation, such as Autotask, ConnectWise, or Tigerpaw.
** Remote Monitoring and Managements, such as Kaseya, Zenith, or N-Able.



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